Beat Procrastination When You Take Action

blog Feb 24, 2014

Let's talk about procrastination for a minute. Yes, now, not tomorrow. How predictable! As much as it hurts to admit, if there was a way of putting off doing something for tomorrow or the next week, I've probably tried it! This was a habit that I developed over time and slowly but surely began to master, until....I couldn't afford to anymore.

Since I wasn't in the present moment most of the time I hadn't realized what the energetic consequences of procrastination were. I was not only putting off the task at hand, I was putting off the unfolding and conscious creation of a future that I deeply desired. I spent time wondering why I wasn't witnessing breakthroughs and results? While all along my actions had been rather lacklustre. A bit unfair, isn't it? To expect our intentions and dreams be manifested while self-sabotaging the very things we yearn the most?

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So where are you in your life today? What went through your mind when you watched this video? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments section. What you share will help others reflect and maybe clear something for themselves too, so don't hold back.

It's an honor to be on this journey of transformation with you....!

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