Corporate Retreats

blog Jan 07, 2014

Many of us live our lives like we are running a marathon. The alarm clock sounds, deadlines loom, and the to-do list never ends. We know there has got to be another way, if only we had a minute to think.
When we are pressed up against the busyness of our lives in this way we may forget that we have choices. Choosing to retreat, to take a step back, may be the wisest choice available to us. In retreat, our minds reset and our bodies restore. We return with a renewed sense of well-being and perspective. This is true for organizations as well.

Richa's corporate retreats are intended for a small group of executives who recognize the importance of stepping away from the daily routine in order to see (and enlarge) the big picture. Richa facilitates exercises that break down what profitability looks like amongst the participants and helps to synthesize this information into a shared vision of success. Custom-created practices get to the heart of your organization's struggles and identify the steps necessary to build a sense of community and ownership amongst employees that lets them know that their contributions make a difference.

Take a step back and invite Richa to help your organization design a thriving work environment where everyone performs with enthusiasm and the aggregate is your company's success.

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