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I AM Consciousness Virtual Program - Participate from ANYWHERE in the world!

The I AM Consciousness Virtual Program is a course designed for your spiritual growth and personal transformation. In the VIRTUAL version of the I AM Consciousness program you will be a part of a powerful community of like-minded seekers having the I AM experience from any place in the world!

The I AM Consciousness Program is an 11 month intense mentoring program. I recommend it for you if you are ready to make the commitment to take your spiritual journey to the next level of heightened awareness and manifestation. But first a few things to consider....

Have you ever felt like:

although you try really hard you can't seem to find the way to happiness in your life?
you have tried many different ways to heal but there's still something missing?
despite having done previous transformation work you are still not free of the pain from your past?
this is not how you expected your life to turn out?
Students who enroll in the I AM Consciousness Program come from a variety of different walks of life. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, artists, musicians, designers, natural healers, coaches, therapists, counselors, homemakers, entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, consultants and business owners have been through the I AM Consciousness Program.

The beauty of the I AM Consciousness Program is that it works at the core of who you are. In this course you work with WHO you are and not WHAT you do.

The common thread that connects those that are drawn to the I AM Consciousness Program is the commitment to living to one's fullest potential, being totally self-expressed and living a life of love and aliveness!

I believe that there are no "drive-through breakthroughs"! In order to consciously create and construct a beautiful life, one that you love and live feeling empowered and fully expressed, you must mould it intentionally. If a great life were to happen by "accident" then in order to continue to have a great life you must continue to have many "accidents". I don't believe that to be a recipe for conscious creation. The I AM Consciousness Program however is.

This program is an invitation to those of you who are ready to create and manifest your best life ever. This program is designed to help you really get honest with yourself and create systems in your life to help fully support you, live your light in this world and live a life you love.

When you graduate the I AM Consciousness Program you will feel clear of the past, empowered to live your life fully, be fearless in your self-expression, feel safe in your vulnerability and have the ability to bounce back when life present's it's challenges. One of the biggest things you will get from the I AM Consciousness Program is that your level of awareness and ability to tune into your insights will heighten and you will find a spiritual perspective to life that will help you in living life with more peace, joy and happiness.

What is the I AM Consciousness?

I = Inner
A = Awareness
M = Manifestation

I AM Consciousness was something I received many years ago in one of my meditations. I saw the technique behind the meditation in almost in a holographic rendition, the time was 11:11. In a matter of days I scribed and drew out everything that was coming to me and then started editing and designing the material. In a matter of weeks this turned into a 21 week program for spiritual growth and personal transformation.

You are invited in to your I AM Consciousness not only in this program but also at the retreats or any of the group or private sessions. I AM is at the core of all the work I teach and lead. I believe that your I AM Consciousness is based in your Inner Awareness but it isn't complete unless it is Manifested. In other words, just "knowing" yourself and your breakthroughs isn't enough. You must actually "walk the talk" and live your life, manifesting your insights and making transformation happen, NOW! This is what makes the I AM Consciousness Program a real powerful tool to have spiritual growth and transformation at a whole new level in your life.

The I Am Consciousness program consists of 3 Phases...

Phase I: Learn who you are, why you are who you are and how you feel about it. At this deep level of self-exploration, using our Chakras or energy centers as our guide, you will experience awareness and connection to the Inner Self and initiate your spiritual awakening.

Phase II: Having subtracted unwanted layers of your past you are now invited to see who you truly are. You will experience a Clarity of vision of your Divine Self and begin practicing aligning your Inner Awareness with your higher purpose.

Phase III: Once you connect with the true Inner Divine Self and move into Phase III you will begin to experience your Cosmic Self. You will see that all you ever imagined or desired has always been within you. Now that you see it, you can BE it. You will master the I AM Consciousness meditation technique and use it to manifest the life you have always wanted.

The time for being STUCK is over. Get ready to experience a gentle, loving and compassionate method and unravel the tight coils that have held you back. You are about to step into a profound and powerful shift in your life. This might just be the transformation that you have been waiting for in your life!


Abundance & Prosperity Webinar

Consider this for a moment - there are no obstacles, physical, financial, mental or emotional. What would be possible? How would you look, think and be in this present moment? What would your world look like and who would be in your life?

Have you ever considered this possibility?

Research and studies in Quantum Physics and Metaphysics have shown us that a shift in Consciousness can shift the Physical Reality or what you Manifest in your environment. Now more and more people are beginning to realize that one's quality of life largely depends on one's quality of mind. And this applies to the Abundance and Prosperity in your life as well.

➢ What does true abundance and prosperity mean to you?
➢ What is your Inner Dialog about abundance and prosperity?
➢ Do you feel more aligned with a prosperity consciousness or a poverty consciousness at this time in your life?

This conversation is beyond the elementary "thoughts are things" and law of attraction concepts. While these do have a positive effect on our inner state of wellbeing, the deeper subconscious re-programming only happens when we allow ourselves to go into a state of Conscious Awareness, whereby releasing the old and creating new patterns for perfection in our life. (Which then begs the question, "What is perfection?").

If we are "creatures of habit" and a product of the cumulative effects of the events and thoughts until this point in our life, then to create a new reality we must rewire our old way of thinking and make way for the new. You cannot fill a cup that's already full. To receive, you have to be open and have the space to embrace what the Universe is sending your way. And to attract the abundance and prosperity into your life, you have to first prepare the soil to sew the seed of passion and higher purpose.

The question is, are you ready?

This is the place where your Desire meets your sense of Deservability.

This is when your Longing meets your Calling.

To experience abundance and prosperity in a meaningful and authentic way, you will have to first shed the self-limiting and self-negating ways of thinking. Get ready to manifest your gifts and higher purpose. This is the I AM (Inner Awareness Manifestation) Consciousness™.

In this webinar be prepared to embark on a journey of self-introspection, discovery and healing. In the Abundance & Prosperity 5-week Webinar you will uncover the hidden truths of why you are struggling with the
flow of Abundance in your life. Abundance not only in the area of finance, but in every area of your life - health, wellness, love, relationships and authentic self-expression.

When you are whole in yourself, that wholeness transfers into every area of your life.

In this Webinar you will learn tools and techniques to clear your energetic space and begin to attract and manifest the authentic Abundance & Prosperity into your life that you deserve!

Enroll in a 5 week webinar to dive into what is blocking the flow of Abundance & Prosperity in your life.

Week 1

Getting Present: Understand the energetic consequences of the old way of thinking. What is not flowing in your life? Where am I? We delve into the scarcity mindset and dig deep.

Week 2

Clearing: How and when did you develop the old beliefs? Explore relationships. What was the language around Abundance & Prosperity when you were growing up? What is your earliest connection to money?

Week 3

Affirming: Understanding the energy of money - sex, faith, power. Trusting your divine guidance - focusing on your gifts, talents and higher purpose.

Week 4

Manifesting: Creating your vision for the future. What is it that you truly want? Envisioning that and using the tools learnt for manifestation.

Week 5

Living your Light: Embracing the manifesting diveine self that is you. Being open and ready to accept the abundance ready to flow into your life.

Join this breakthrough Abundance & Prosperity Webinar to not only recognize what is blocking you from living your best life yet but to go beyond the breakthrough and creat systems that will keep you grounded so you can have a life-transforming experience. Once you bring your attention to it, you can truly have remarkable transformation in your life!

I look forward to being on this journey of Abundance & Prosperity with you!




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