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blog Jan 07, 2014

Richa offers the following programs to help you accelerate your path to success. The topics below can be tailored to your needs for a keynote speech or workshop. The intended audiences for these topic include top-performing corporations, businesses, and companies that are looking for ways to increase productivity.

DNA of Success

How do you define success in life? Is it monetary? Is it something you measure with professional accomplishments or personal achievements? Do you measure it by the sense of peace, joy and fulfillment you feel when you're with loved ones? However you define success is largely influenced by who you believe yourself to be at the core, the DNA that encodes the instructions that define you and the blueprint for how you show up and succeed in the world. Whether we are talking about the DNA of an individual, an organization or a society it is the drops in the ocean that determine the overall quality of that ocean.

We all have our own uniqueness to contribute to the world. Our job is to become more conscious of that contribution through self-awareness and intentionality. The path to success is one of self-actualization and requires connecting to your intrinsic power and clearing the hindrances that obstruct the path. This process is of benefit not only to you but to all the lives that you impact as well. Your willingness to be curious about this blueprint that defines you automatically ripples out into the networks and relationships that sustain you and purifying your drop of water has the potential to affect the quality of the ocean in which you swim.

Pause for Power

In today's competitive environment it is more important than ever to temporarily suspend the constant and rapid pace toward achievement in order to reach the pinnacle of success we desire. You must pause to regenerate. The cost of not pausing manifests as any number of stress disorders and lives that are out of balance.

This program is designed to encourage the audience to shift into a lower gear, sit back in their seat and connect to their inner power. Richa creates lasting transformation and success in people's lives and businesses by helping them leverage this power. It is when you slow down that you can honestly accelerate towards consciously creating success.


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