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Present Moment Awareness With Mary Gordon

How much are you moving around these days? Do you have an exercise, yoga or workout routine? Do you have something in place that integrates movement in your day to day lifestyle, especially right now?

I met Mary Gordon around 6 months ago at an event in Malibu, CA. She guided us in gentle movement and I never forgot the experience. I knew there would come a time when I would call on her to collaborate and share her guidance with you, and the time is here – now.

Present Moment Awareness with Mary Gordon

I am so thrilled to introduce Mary Gordon to you. Mary has worked in the field of addiction, recovery and counseling for 30 years and has served as the Director of the Betty Ford Centre for 16 of those years. Mary is presently the founder of Inner Directions Workshops and leads transformational, spiritual workshops for women internationally.

We have so much to be grateful for as we continue to build our toolbox with healthy self-regulation strategies. I hope you find this conversation with Mary helpful.

To you and your family's health.

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