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blog May 10, 2013

"Richa has made such an incredible impact on so many lives with her work at Anahatha. She truly has a way of speaking directly to your heart."

Angi Phillips


View Richa's work through the eyes of Angi Phillips, a divorced Mom of 2, who participated in a retreat trying to reconnect with herself. Watch and listen as she shares the transformation she experienced.


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blog May 10, 2013

Focus me to think about and confront issues I otherwise would not have. Got me away from work.
- Jim K., Attorney

Yes. Very valuable. It made me look at things I never give myself the opportunity to think about. It also opened my eyes to the different experiences that other people have gone through.
- Melissa A., Sales Executive

I've recently found clarity in some difficult decisions and I came to solidify them. I ended up letting go of many of the associated stresses.
- Maria N., Marketing Executive

Time for me. Warm, comfortable accommodations.
- Alexa T., Business Owner

Extremely valuable experience. It was the space and support I needed to face some difficult issues. Extremely healthy vegetarian food, with several choices and it was beautifully prepared.
- Andy S., Social Media Marketing

This experience allowed me to verbalize a major issue that I feel has been holding back my health and spiritual well-being. The food added comfort to the healing process and was wonderful.
- John Z.,...

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Resources & Recommendations

blog May 10, 2013
Richa Badami, EzineArticles Basic Author  Did you know? You can read Richa's content and find more inspiration elsewhere on the web. Check out and! The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia
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A Word About Words

blog Mar 20, 2013

Jordan was the only new student in her fifth grade class. On her first day of school, she sat by herself at lunch. No one spoke to her all day. No one even took the time to welcome her to the school or introduce themselves. Jordan was feeling incredibly lonely. At recess, she sat behind a big oak and read her book. A few minutes later she overheard two girls from her class talking. "That new girl is really something!" the first girl said. "Yeah," the second girl added. "Did you see those jeans she's wearing? They are so last year! What a freak!" As the girls burst out in laughter, Jordan's heart sank. The girl's words...girls she didn't even know...cut deeply.

You see, at Jordan's old school she was quite popular. She was captain of her soccer team and at the top of her class academically. The day Jordan overheard her classmates talking about her changed her life forever. Her grades began to slip. She rarely left her room. She had no interest in playing soccer; something she used...

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Too Close to Home

blog Dec 17, 2012

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit – Napolean Hill

Once upon a time in my life certain events left me in anger, pain and sadness. That's when I found transformational meditation and spirituality. Or should I say, it found me. I have had an eventful journey of healing. On this journey I picked up a thing or two that inspired me to teach and share with others. Before I knew it, I had established my professional practice as a spiritual mentor, meditation guide and transformational leader. It has taken me eighteen years and counting since the day I had my first big breakthrough.


Somehow helping myself and then those in my immediate sphere of influence wasn't enough, declared the Universe. In the past two years, there have been events and insights that have shown me that there is more for me to uncover and to share. And so, I listened, I paused and I embraced that yes, I did in fact have more to do in...

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Choices, Choices! So Many Choices!!

blog Nov 26, 2012

"It's choice...not chance...that determines your destiny." –Michelle Jean Nidetch

What does this mean exactly? In our daily lives we make thousands of get out of bed in the morning, what to wear, what food to put into our bodies...each and every choice forming and shaping our life experiences for that day. We know that if it is 90 degrees outside and we choose to wear a sweater with a turtle neck, we're going to be hot. We know if we choose to eat cake and ice cream for breakfast, we're probably not going to feel well or have much energy throughout the day. But it's still our choice.

These seem like simplified, common sense choices we take for granted every day, but they are indeed still choices...opportunities for us to decide whether or not our day turns out positively or negatively. In the grand scheme of things the best we can hope for is to make the best choices possible to produce the most positive outcome.

However, that not all choices in life are as black...

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Delusion, Denial, DETOX.

blog Sep 05, 2012

This past April I participated in a 21-day "Clean Eating Detox" Program with Danielle Omar. I had just come back from the Anahatha Love and Aliveness Weekend Retreat and already felt like I was in a great place. I thought to myself, "What do I need to do a 21-day detox for? I already feel great!". And as I said that I realized, being whole and balanced in Body, Mind and Spirit was not just about conscious breath and meditation. I still had old lurking habits around food that I knew I wanted to change. I knew I wanted to reinforce better behavior and instill Conscious + Confident Eating Habits in my life.

Enter Danielle Omar, M.S, R.D and her 21-day "Clean Eating Detox" Program.

During her 21-day Clean Eating Detox Program, Danielle shared a wealth of information about healthy food alternatives, grocery shopping, organic produce, supplements, smoothies, mindset and more. I learnt:

• How to balance my plate to ensure I was getting all the right nutrients in my meal

• What...

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Denial Ain't Just A River In Egypt

blog Jul 17, 2012

It was around twenty years ago when I was written off by my Psychology Professors in my first year of college. I implored them to help me as I had been sexually abused and needed help. I received no help, guidance or counseling. The matter and I were instantly dismissed. We never spoke about it ever again. Twenty years later, when I witness the aftermath of the Sandusky verdict and the rampant denial by the NCAA, Board of Trustees of Penn State, Joe Paterno and the list of others, I just find the entire situation all too familiar. That's why I love the Mark Twain quote in the blog heading.

How Denial Will Delay Your Highest Good

That one day amongst few others profoundly altered the course of my life. Due to the denial first from my family and then my institution, I found no other means to cope other than to drop out of college and transplant myself far away from everyone. Looking back at that time their denial cost me many years of my life. I understand that today things are...

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