Mother's Day, Father's Day, Summer, Oh My

blog Jun 12, 2017

Being sexually abused as a child by my father put a crimp in Father's Day for me. You won't see heart emojis being posted on my Facebook feed or anywhere else praising my father for being the #1 dad in the world! Unfortunately, no. Never happened, nor will it. I say this with all the unconditional love for him though. Interesting, isn't it?

Same goes with my mother. Over the years we have worked deeply to heal our mother-daughter relationship and have learned to truly relate with each other in an authentic way. For many years, Mother's Day and Father's Day were just another Hallmark holiday, but my greeting cards weren't exactly "sealed with a kiss"! It has taken years of deep work, looking into and healing my past hurts of abuse and neglect, practicing forgiveness, self-care and love to make room for a new paradigm with my parents, and I am so grateful for it.

In reality, grateful merely begins to describe how immensely humbling and empowering this journey has been. I am...

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Failures Fertilize Future Successes

blog Jun 06, 2017

I remember being a young girl in school and worrying about my grades. I always wanted to give my best, so I would study hard in order to get high marks on my tests. Fast forward about 20ish years (give or take a few, but who’s counting), and while I am no longer in grade school I am still being tested. Unfortunately, the tests that life throws at us aren’t exactly the ones we can study for. There are no notes, no reading assignments, no practice tests. It’s the real thing 24/7 whether you’re prepared or not.

Logically speaking, we know that no one is perfect. We know that ultimate perfection in any aspect of life is not reality. What is a part of our reality, however, is the one word we all work our hardest to avoid: failure. Yep, failure. The big, bad “F-word” of life. The funny thing about failure is that even though we bust our butts to avoid failing, inevitably at some point we are destined to fail at something. Why? It goes back to that point...

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When it's Time, it's Time

blog May 30, 2017

Ever felt frustrated, resigned and cynical? Why is everything falling apart? How is it that despite my best efforts and intentions I cannot be happy in my life? I keep going round and around in circles, spiraling, getting nowhere! Ever asked these kinds of questions or second guessed yourself?

Stranger things have certainly happened, but there might come a moment when you notice a shift in the energy of your life. And do you know how this shift comes about? It comes about when it's time.

You think you know, based on your individual human intelligence, why your life is the way it is. You think you know. And you think with what you know. And what you know comes from your past experiences. All the internal knowledge you possess in your mind is knowledge accumulated over the years. You are totally and utterly conditioned by those events and memories, aren't you? Conditioned to view your life from the lenses...

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The Fibers of Your Being

blog May 23, 2017

This past weekend I attended a felting workshop with a wonderful group of women called WOW - Women of Wisdom! I met artists, healers, creative entrepreneurs and women from all walks of life. We made a sacred cloth with natural and dyed sheep fibers. Assembling the fibers and transforming them into a piece of fabric was a tactile meditation in itself. It gifted me the opportunity to use my fingers, handling fibers so delicately and arranging them in the way that my piece of sacred cloth could look the way I wanted it to look!

I was compelled to go with something in the shape of a heart and one fiber at a time the fabric came to life. First I laid down the foundation or the base layer. Then I built on that, fiber by fiber, color by color. I could choose whatever color and create whatever I wanted with simply those fibers, my fingers, and my imagination.

It is hard to put into words how profound this experience was for me, it was nothing short of a cathartic...

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Steve Dorfman | Feb 2014

blog May 14, 2017
dorfman withlogo


About Steve Dorfman and Driven to Excel

Since 2006 leaders have come to Steve Dorfman to create – or reinvigorate – their company's customer service culture, via leadership consulting and staff training. His highly interactive talks and training programs are designed to educate, engage, and develop front-line staff. Client engagements result in:

  • "Employee-owned" remarkable experiences for customers and clients
  • Consistent referral business, and;
  • Repeat customer loyalty

As you might imagine, all of this all translates into a strengthened culture and increased profits! To find out more about Steve visit his website at




Pause For Power Interview

blank2During our Pause For Power luncheon Richa had an opportunity to interview Steve Dorfman, an expert in helping his clients create raving fans. As the Customer Experience Officer (CEO) of his company Driven To Excel, Steve offers consulting,...

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The Daily Pause #33

blog Jul 01, 2016

The effects of meditation are cumulative. Every little bit of time spent in quiet contemplation will replenish your mental, physical and emotional energy. For this reason, there isn't a need to be attached to the outcome of each individual meditation but rather notice the overall climate change in your way of being.

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The Daily Pause #31

blog Jun 20, 2016

“It’s choice…not chance…that determines your destiny.” –Michelle Jean Nidetch
Every choice is a sacred opportunity to create the life you want. How will you choose?

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The Daily Pause #29

blog Jun 16, 2016

Forgiving and completing with the people, events, and experiences of our past comprise an invitation to a portal of peace. By completing, I mean expressing what there is to express, forgiving whatever there is to forgive. Resetting, coming to  place of neutral...not charged by strong negative emotions. Being complete with someone means to be whole, at peace with where you are in your relationship, no longer carrying the stories of your past.

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The Daily Pause #28

blog Jun 15, 2016

Embrace the past. The goal is not to stir up a hornet's nest. The goal is to forgive what has been holding you back from feeling fulfilled and at peace with yourself. The past was what happened and does not have to define your future. Even a mighty oak tree will cast a shadow when light shines on it. There are no shadows in the dark.

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The Daily Pause #27

blog Jun 14, 2016

Far too often I hear people say, "Oh, please don't go there!", but I say, "Go there–please, go there," because if you don't go there, you won't go anywhere. You will stay stuck right where you are. If we want things to be different, we have to take action. If we want to transform, we have to take action. Inaction won't get you to the destination you are desiring.

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