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What Participants Are Saying:


Mariana L.

Yes!!! I'm so happy and glad I registered for the Inner Freedom Formula. Thanks a lot for this because it finally gave me light.I have being doing yoga and meditation on and off for several years. You are so right when you acknowledged that it will not work if we do not pause and reflect to experience the inner freedom. I still feel that I have so much baggage from my childhood trauma's.

Tina M.

Richa!!! This is all new for's incredible! It finally all makes sense. Now I'm able to understand why I can't find passion anywhere, why my life feels like it has been dragging on like an old worn out coat. And the pressure and overwhelm that I have been living with every single day of my life? Wow!! I never knew I could find relief from my anxiety so quickly. I have to keep growing in THIS direction.

Reyna S.

I have been practicing yoga, meditation, law of attraction, and affirmations for many years. When you said that no amount of these practices, as incredible as they are, will get me to my real inner truth and freedom, the light bulb went off! I can see now how I have been bypassing some of my more stubborn beliefs, by not looking deeper at my childhood traumas and conditioning. Thank you for opening my eyes to this.

Jessica S.

Wow ... Richa ... this awareness is so valuable and necessary for understanding health, abundance and spirituality. It explains why I have been finding swollen ankles, tight back muscles, constricted chest and difficulty breathing in a time of my life that I was totally down and sick. Now that I am aware, I am ready to practice your meditations, and focus on healing those emotions and my attitude towards life.

About Richa Badami, Founder Of The Inner Freedom Formula

Richa helps people find freedom from their past pain and what has been holding them back, to create the life they truly desire. Overcoming abuse and trauma from her early years as a child growing up in India, that continued into adulthood, Richa committed to a life of meditation and transformation practices that enabled her to heal and recover. She turned the lessons learned into guidance, to shine a light on the path for others to discover who they truly are. She is a personal transformation leader, spiritual teacher, Reiki Master, and a trained trauma-informed life coach. She creates a safe and sacred container for deeply transformative work, supporting students from all over the world.

Ready To Make Your Dreams A Reality & Live Happy, Fulfilled & Free?

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