December 6, 2017

Ditch the Drag & Transform 2018

Have you ever noticed sometimes your computer slows down? You check to see if you are still connected to wifi? You might delete some files, or […]
October 26, 2017

The Essential Indestructible Self

“Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible in us be found.” ― Pema Chödrön I […]
August 22, 2017

You Are Only as Sick as Your Secrets

At the launch of my book, “Coming Home to the Heart – Transforming Trauma into Infinite Possibilities for Healing” I had a major breakthrough. Not only […]
May 16, 2017

Your Inherent Potential to Heal and Transform

Spring is officially here! I love spending time in my yard, getting my hands dirty, playing with mother earth and cleaning, clearing and celebrating the arrival […]