I AM Root Chakra Meditation

Richa Badami
I AM Root Chakra Meditation

The Root Chakra is concerned with keeping life vibrant and sustainable. It incorporates all the qualities to maintain existence in an orderly fashion, including being constant and stable. It is drawn to the simple activity of staying alive. It focuses upon shelter and sustenance, as well as the things that keep our lives moving along. it flourishes with levels of security that keeps chaos and evil far from our door, and ultimately it is concerned with having the patience and presence to see our dreams come true. 

When we don't feel secure we lose energy, fearing for our existence and wondering whether we will go on. Cultivating a deep sense of inner security helps keep the Root Chakra functional during uncertainty. 

The Root Chakra carries all the qualities of survival from our ancestors. Just as the roots of diseases are transmitted down family lines, so are the spiritual qualities. When we find ourselves in difficult circumstances, we can draw on the qualities our ancestors possessed to see them through. We can tap into our courage and ruthless desire to live. 

The Root Chakra controls the fight or flight reaction that triggers the adrenal cortex. This function stimulates the flow of adrenaline into the blood when we are under attack, putting us into survival mode.

The Root Chakra anchors itself to the earth when we are patient, resourceful and hopeful about our lives. Remaining positive and open to the possibilities strengthens the Root Chakra and allows for stability and inner strength. Anchoring our spirit in reality is the quintessential quality of this chakra.

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