Release Things Not Serving Your Higher Purpose

blog Apr 13, 2015

This week’s Monday Meditation focused on calming the mind and body and releasing those things that are not serving our higher purpose. Pausing for Power each day allows us to let go of the things in our lives that bring us stress or pain…the things that overwhelm us. You owe it to yourself to spend time in a state of relaxation and calmness so healing and growth can occur. When you feel complete, adequate, enough, you attract more of those things in your life. This meditation time is when we honor ourselves and become focused, centered, and committed to what we want to manifest in our lives for the coming week. We release the worry, fear, and doubt that holds us back from reaching our goals and tap into the power within us that will be a driving force for the week ahead.

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Spring Equinox Awakening

blog Mar 30, 2015

An awakening is happening now with the Spring Equinox. This is a powerful phase of transformation for all of us. Just as spring brings about new life in nature, it also brings about new energy and power within us. We traditionally take time to spring clean our homes, why not take time to spring clean our inner beings as well? Let's take this opportunity to do a Total System Reboot and upgrade our energetic body with the transformation that is happening right now in our lives. Let's focus our energies on healthy, positive vibrations and lead our lives powerfully. Staying committed to your practice of Pausing and meditation is a great place to start.

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How Will You Choose to Spend Your 168 Hours This Week?

blog Mar 24, 2015

168. That is how many hours each and every one of us is given each week.

According to the American Time Use Survey, the average person spends about 60.9 hours a week working, 53.9 hours sleeping, 7 hours eating, 7.7 hours doing household activities, 17.5 hours engaged in leisure activites and sports, and 9.1 hours caring for others. If my math is correct, that leaves roughly 11.9 hours unaccounted for each week.

What if I told you that if you spent just 1 hour of your total hours each week doing one particular thing it would help you 100% in every area of your life. Would you do it? Would you take one of your 11.9 hours left unaccounted for in your week and engage in this activity?

You may have already guessed that I am speaking about meditation. I have begun an event I call Monday Meditations With Richa that has been growing in popularity. These weekly meditations have allowed me to meet with people from all over the world in a global meditation room where we can share this...

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Meditation is Power! Monday Meditations Begins!

blog Mar 09, 2015

Meditation has played such a key part in my life and in the lives of so many of my clients. We are in desperate need of quiet time in our lives; time to help bring us back to the present moment, time to refocus our energies on those things in our lives that are key to us finding success, happiness, and abundance, and time for us to purge those things that are holding us back from living our best lives. Meditation is power!

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Monday Meditations With Richa

blog Feb 24, 2015

Last week I asked my students, clients, friends and family for feedback on an idea I've had for some time. I wanted to have everyone that wants to meditate converge at the same time every week to {pause} together and meditate. In order to get a better idea of where everyone was at in their meditation practice, I asked folks through a post on my Facebook page if they were already in a meditation practice to respond with "doin' it", if they wanted to meditate more to respond with "wanna" and if they didn't think meditation was for them then respond with "nevah"!

I was amazed at your response! I got back over 200 "wannas"!!! No "nevah" and a handful of "doin' it" and "doin' it but wanna do more regularly". So thanks to YOU I had my answer and knew exactly what to do next. Muchos gracias! Shukriya. Dhanyavaad! (All meaning thank you!)

Ask and you shall receive! Beginning Monday, March 2nd I will be presenting "Monday Meditations with Richa". You wanna do this....or if I can be slightly...

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This One Choice Will Change Your Life

blog Feb 17, 2015

In my practice, I hear story after story of how my clients just can't seem to find happiness in their lives. They can have a job that they love, a beautiful family...the whole package, the American dream if you will...yet for some reason, deep down inside they are left feeling unsatisfied.

These feelings can come about for many reasons, of course, but I like to focus on taking a few moments to dive deeper into my client's lives and find out what their goals and aspirations are. What are the things that they feel they are missing in order to find this elusive happiness that seems to be escaping them at every turn. What is it that they feel would bring them true abundance and bliss in their lives. Many times the answer is a simple "I don't know."

Life can certainly become complicated from time to time. I'm sure we have all had moments where we have felt like screaming at the top of our lungs out of frustration. Everyone has gone through the "Monday Blues" where it takes every ounce...

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Peace in Our Hearts...Peace in Our World

blog Feb 10, 2015

We've all had days when we know we could have shown more kindness to others. I've seen mothers with young children in restaurants be short-tempered with the cashier taking their orders because they were frustrated with their children's behavior. I've seen people yell at customer service clerks because an item could not be returned. I've seen people at the pharmacy become upset with the pharmacist because their insurance wouldn't cover certain perscriptions.

From the outside looking in, we can see that these situations are quite unfair. Logically we can see that it's certainly not the restaurant cashier's fault that the children are misbehaving, nor is it the customer service clerk's fault that the item cannot be returned. Yet in that moment, we let frustration and anger take over and make us somewhat crazy. We lash out at the first person in our line of sight.

Paulo Coelho says, "We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and...

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Top 5 Ways to Become More Present

blog Feb 02, 2015

"Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present." -Bil Keane

Each morning when I am getting my girls ready for school, I can't help but think about how quickly time has passed. It seems like just yesterday that they were babies. It is so important for me to treasure each and every moment I have with the girls, because it is in those magical moments that the best memories are made. Whether we're reading a book together or singing and dancing to our favorite songs, I make sure to treasure the time I have with the girls. They will be off and on their own before I know it.

 It is not always easy to live in the present moment. Lots of times we allow ourselves to live in a state of overwhelm and distraction, not even realizing we're doing it. We create a new normal that is anything but present. I'd like to share with you my top 5 ways to become more present in your life. Living in the present moment allows us to worry less and enjoy more. We are better able to find happiness...

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My 3 F words for you

blog Jan 27, 2015

Accomplishing goals, being successful, living a happy and meaningful life – all these are things that you wish for, I am sure. I do too. Ever wonder why despite working your butt off in every area of your life – your job, relationship, romance, health and fitness – there are times that it seems like nothing is working. You feel like you are between a rock and a hard place, stuck and unable to break out of this cycle.

In this video I have taken our conversation on how to "pause for aubandance and prosperity" to the next level. I will share with you my 3 fave "F" words....! Ok, to be honest, there is a fourth one, but you will have to watch the video first.

As always, don't forget to share this video with the loved ones in your life and show them how much you care. After watching, I need you to comment in the section below and share where you find yourself in your life today when it comes to each of the 4 F words I mention.

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Meditate in under 5 minutes after this

blog Jan 23, 2015

You ever have one of those days when you are making every excuse there is to skip your daily meditation practice. I've been there, so trust me, I know. Sometimes my excuses lasted for days, even weeks. There was some reason or another that I just could not bring myself to slow down and pause....

In this video you will see how simple it is to plug right back in to your meditation practice in under 5 minutes. You will not only kick it off instantly, you will want more, because meditation just makes you feel so good.

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I am gearing up to send you some videos that you are not going to want to miss. Thank you SO much for catching this video here. Don't miss out on the next couple of parts to this series, so make sure you join my email distribution list asap. I have some surprises and goodies coming your way, so get ready!

Let's meditate and not miss out!

It's time to awaken, align and act.....Thanks for joining me,




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