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Transformation Bundle  

The coming months are made for self-reflection, self-inquiry, and heightening your inner awareness. Gift love, receive love, and craft a spirited life with discounted practices, teachings, and meditations.

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Package 1: Your Love & Aliveness

What you receive:


What you receive:

Are You Free 2 Love Session

Clear what blocks you from giving or receiving love ($97 value)

Self- Regulation with Trauma Informed Meditation:

Learn to navigate the sensitivities caused by childhood trauma and open yourself up to practicing meditation in a gentle way ($97 value)

Fierce Feminine Self-Love

Begin healing your heart, mind, and body, and unapologetically creating the life that you truly desire ($97 value)



The Best Of Freedom From Trauma Education Series:

The Top Rated Interviews with experts and teachers who share powerful and profound practices that heal trauma ($175 value)

Total Value of $466 for $197

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Package 2: Light & Power

What you receive:


What you receive:

Introduction to the Chakra System:

Learn the fundamentals about the Chakra System and how they can support to heal your body, mind, and spirit ($197 value)

Chakra Meditations for Inner Freedom:

Meditations to activate, initiate, and energize each chakra. A very powerful set of seven meditations. ($97 value)

Wheels of Transformation Session:

How can your chakras get the wheels of your life turning in the way you want them to? Get to know how you can have this ($97 value)



5 Day Chakra Challenge:

An incredibly simple and deeply profound 5 day challenge that has impacted hundreds of participants into having life changing experiences ($175 value)

Total Value of $566 for $197

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Package 3: Peace & Prosperity

What you receive:


What you receive:

Three Main Misalignments Keeping You From Happiness (and how to find realignment):

Learn how to navigate the blocks that repeatedly show up due to our early conditioning, and how to disrupt them to have the freedom you desire ($97 value)

Inner Awareness Manifestation Masterclass:

Get acquainted with the I AM Consciousness Program in this masterclass. Whether you enroll in this life changing program or not, you will glean valuable insights from this session ($97 value)

Activating Sacred Dharma:

You are here for a purpose, and the seed within you, full of potential, is ready and wanting to burst forth. Listen to the true inner voice, express who you really are, because that is your sacred dharma ($97 value)



Balance & Reset:

Powerful Kriya & Meditation to Shed the Scales of the Past: Experience a yoga kriya you have never experienced before to shed the scales of the self that no longer serves. Receive the love, light, and peace that is yours to receive. ($175 value)

Total Value of $466 for $197

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Receive Upon Purchase

  • 45 min personal coaching session with Richa: Special opportunity to get coaching with Richa, where you will have a self-discovery about an area of your life. ($200 value)

Package 4: The Ultimate Transformation

Receive ALL practices, teachings & meditations!

Members of this inner circle will receive ALL 12 practices, teachings, meditations and bonuses in packages 1-3, and a complementary Inner Freedom call with Richa.

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Dear Richa - Thank you very much for this 5 days! Today, while I was finishing the meditation, when I went with my hands to my eyes I was fascinated because instead of the black I was seeing with my eyes closed, I saw indigo blue light. It was amazing and beautiful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you! I didn't realize how significant the chakras were until my forehead (the area of the third eye chakra) was aching after the meditation.

Jo Anne

Thanks so much for this beautiful meditation! It's getting so much easier to go into a deeper meditation state. I see things more clear and I feel so peaceful while meditating. I start smiling and can't help it :) Blessings to you, Richa. Namaste!