Coming Home to the Heart:
Transforming Trauma into Infinite Possibilities for Healing

In this courageous and deeply inspiring memoir, Richa Badami shares how she overcame the mental and emotional damage inflicted on her for years in the form of sexual abuse that began when she was only a child.

Because of cultural taboos that denied her treatment for her trauma, Richa mustered formidable inner resources to engineer her own healing. Through sheer determination, painful step by painful step, she rediscovered her capacity for joy, love, and, most important, an ability to forgive.

Coming Home to the Heart traces her path to recovery and a wholesome, fulfilling life, and teaches readers how they can utilize similar transformative tools to help find their own way back to peace.

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"I was finally able to confront fears and feelings I had repressed for years after reading Coming Home to the Heart. Badami has made a life of helping others turn darkness into light, and through her memoir, she does the same. Badami openly shares the story of her abusive childhood and how those experiences helped shape the woman, mother, and healer that she has become." 

-Tracy Krulik, Author, I Have Cancer. And I've Never Felt Better