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To Who You Really Are

Our childhood experiences and conditioning play a large role in forming the beliefs we have of ourselves.

It takes deliberate and deep inquiry to delve into the patterns that we have been repeating to discover who we really are and what it is that we truly want?

As an intuitive, energy worker, healer and coach, I guide you to a place of greater self-awareness so you neutralize the emotional charge with your past and consciously create the life you were meant to have.


With What You Truly Want

Having neutralized the energetic residue of past beliefs and patterns, you now intentionally align yourself with what you really want. With the confidence and clarity that comes from knowing your true self, you allow that which is irrefutably you, to draw your highest and best self forth, so you can have the life you want and desire.

As a Reiki Master, meditation teacher and spiritual guide, I combine ancient teachings with modern modalities and life coaching to create a safe container for inner exploration and healing.


In The New Knowledge Of Self

The invitation of the work I offer is an approach where you are called to AWAKEN to who you really are, ALIGN with what you really want, and begin to take inspired actions or ACT in this knowledge. Guided by your Higher Self, you deliberately and consciously create the body, mind and spirit that you truly desire.

I guide you with deep meditation, dynamic movement, embodiment and other transformative tools, to support you on your journey so you can take the steps you need to move forward in your life.

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