The Daily Pause #26

blog Jun 13, 2016

Our blocks are invisible to us. The very thing that is holding us back, the thing that we have to be free of, remains elusive for a very long time. It takes pausing, deliberate pausing, to look at ourselves to recognize that there is something inside for us to be liberated from.

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The Daily Pause #25

blog Jun 10, 2016

Do you know that your breath transforms based on the state of your thoughts and emotions? Whether nervous, excited, elated or sad, the breath changes throughout the day. But on that same note, if we bring our conscious attention to our breath and deliberately breathe deeply, we can use the breath to restore ourselves, our body and mind. You can consciously breathe to relieve your anxiety and stress, shed your sadness or even become more present to your happiness. Breath is more powerful than we know.

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The Daily Pause #24

blog Jun 09, 2016

Unleash the innate power of the body to heal using your breath: One of the most tangible tools of transformation that people find the simplest to get started with is the breath. Notice your breath. Where does it reach in your body. Is your breath deep or shallow? Can you pause and take one conscious breath right now? Rinse and repeat during the day. Set a timer on your phone to remind you to take deep breaths throughout the day.

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The Daily Pause #23

blog Jun 08, 2016

How are we to have a world that has healed if we are still hurting? Without our healing, each of our healing, the world still remains in pain. Even if my little toe is in pain, I am in pain. If I burn my hand, I hurt everywhere. If I pull a muscle, I need to rest my body. The world, our world, is one organism. The planet is one being. Just because something is happening 10,000 miles away from us doesn't mean it doesn't systemically have an impact on us. It does. And that's why each of us has to take responsibility for our own healing, authenticity, self-expression, and inner power.

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The Daily Pause #22

blog Jun 07, 2016

Are we being the change we want to see in the world? We wish for peace in the world, but do we have inner peace? We wish for our children to manifest our full potential, but are we manifesting ours? We wish for humanity to be kind, loving, and forgiving of one another, but are we able to be kind, loving, and forgiving to the people in our own life? Are we wiling to give permission to ourselves to create a future of love, possibility, and joy? Can we sow the seeds for this future while withholding fresh air and water but still expect the fruits? 

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The Daily Pause #21

blog Jun 06, 2016

If we are to create an authentically joyous and happy life with where we are right now, this moment, then we need to release, to let go of, the past and all it's shadows. Our life is a mere reflection of our state of inner being. As goes our inner happiness, so goes the happiness in our life. In order to see happiness manifest in our life, we must exude happiness from within.

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The Daily Pause #18

blog May 11, 2016

Don't try to be the perfect meditator. Don't try to be the most mindful person there is. Both meditation and mindfulness are called a "practice". Bruce Lee said, "There is no such thing as mastery, only the willingness to be with the practice". Be in the willingness to be with the practice.

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The Daily Pause #17

blog May 10, 2016

Enjoy the simplicity of your pauses throughout the day. Just like in sheet music there are rests between the notes, a pause allows you to deliberately listen to the music in your life.

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The Daily Pause #16

blog May 09, 2016
The notion that to meditate is to uncomfortably sit in the lotus pose staring at your navel for an extended period of time is misplaced. There are infinite opportunities to be mindful and bring the meditative quality to one's life. What's more is that the benefits of mindfulness and meditation far exceed their perceived inconveniences.
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The Daily Pause #15

blog May 06, 2016

Even walking 10 paces can be a mindful meditation. Notice as you lift your foot, place it down, move forward, switch feet and lift your other foot and repeat. All along breathing consciously, eyes gently focusing on an arbitrary point somewhere in front of you. In these few breaths you can alter the quality of your presence. This is meditation. This is mindfulness.

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