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I am Heart Meditation

Richa Badami
I am Heart Meditation

The qualities of the Heart Chakra are peace, love, unity, brotherhood and sisterhood, and joy. All these aspects of the heart speak of love of life and a penetrating awareness of the sacredness of all things. The heart thrives on joy and delight; it flourishes on openness, sharing, touch and connection. It contracts with pain, loss, and trauma. Feeding the heart with positive energy is choosing to see the love in people, and the joy in all things.

The Heart Chakra governs the physical heart and lungs. It is essential to our physical supply of energy and vitality as well as the love that nourishes our spiritual existence. Centering ourselves in love gives our life purpose and meaning. It anchors us in Selfhood, which is love itself. What this means, on a real level, is that our very nature is loving, kind, and respectful. Growth and healing open a panorama, where we give love freely and unconditionally and receive it in the same way.

The Heart Chakra is partially open in early childhood and closes down as we mature and become products of our culture. If there was a lack of love in the beginning of life it can be difficult to allow the heart to open. At some point in early adulthood, around age 28, the Heart Chakra seeks to expand, longing for love. It searches for ways in which it can open. Certain experiences trigger this blossoming: relationships forged, children born, choices made that let us love ourselves better. At this age the heart is ready to engage in real and mature love, for the self and others. Not to allow this natural evolution obstructs normal development.

The pull of sex, power, and money pales in comparison with the joys of the heart. Love is something that stays in our hearts forever. Being willing to experience lasting love, rather than indulge in temporary attractions, is the significance of the Heart Chakra.

The message of the Heart Chakra is to accept the oneness of all life. Through loving we radiate the joy of being. An open Heart Chakra is experienced by others as warn, inviting, and tender. It seeks a true heart connection with others.

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