The Daily Pause #12

blog May 03, 2016

Your words are the vessel of your day. Just as a vessel shapes the water that it is filled with, our words shape the possibilities that we eventually live into. Rather than get frustrated or fall into the why-me / victim setting, pause and reflect to uncover how you may have created the present moment with your language. 

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The Daily Pause #11

blog May 01, 2016

When we avoid fully feeling our anger, frustration and sadness, we also block the inflow of love, happiness and joy. The quality of our state of wellness is affected by our emotions, and there is no separation within our emotional body, it is one. When we deny the negative experiences their expression, we also shun the positive ones. 

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The Daily Pause #10

blog Apr 29, 2016

What we focus on grows and expands. While in meditation when the monkey mind starts acting up, simply notice what comes up. Rather than focus on the haphazard trail of the mind, take a deep breath and come back; follow the next inhale, exhale, inhale and then exhale again. Every breath is an invitation to come back to yourself and rid your mind of the clutter of thoughts. Just keep coming back, lovingly, without judgment.

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The Daily Pause #9

blog Apr 28, 2016

A pause creates the space for momentary reflection so you can discern if you will react or respond. A reaction occurs on autopilot, a response, through presence and poise. Will you react or respond?  

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The Daily Pause #8

blog Apr 27, 2016

"The thing about stress is that it's automatic, it finds you, you don't have to go find it. The problem with relaxation, or mindfulness, is that it's a lot of frickin' work. It's an active process, it's not something that happens to you. Stress finds you. You have to go looking for relaxation." Dr. Mark Hyman interviewed by Katie Couric at Ariana Huffington's conference on Mindfulness.

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The Daily Pause #6

blog Apr 25, 2016

Stress is contagious. When we're stressed, we are prone to be harsher on ourselves, sharper with our friends and family, and less sensitive to the needs of strangers. The pause can bring us back to the present moment, and break the cycle of automaticity of the stress response. How would you choose a pause when under stress?

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The Daily Pause #5

blog Apr 22, 2016
Deep Listening: When in a conversation, pause to practice deep listening. Notice if your mind is racing trying to create a clever retort, remark or rebuttal. Resist the urge to be right. Waiting for your turn to speak is not listening.
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The Daily Pause #4

blog Apr 21, 2016
Every pause you take is a deposit you make to your "energy" bank account. Living a life without pauses is like having non-sufficient funds and wondering why your checks are bouncing. Pause to replenish the reserves of your inner power. 
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Which Meditation Technique is Right for You?

blog Apr 20, 2016

Ever wonder which meditation technique is right for you? What style would be the best for your lifestyle? In this video blog I share what I have learned along the way and invite you to try approaching the idea of a set style a little differently.

How do you like to meditate?

Now it’s your turn. Take a quick moment right now and share in the comments below what your go-to meditation style is, what gives you the meditative quality in your life?

Let us know what you think. I invite you to share your thoughts and insights in the comments below. You never know when something you share may give someone a new perspective or even change their life.

Until next time….may this pause be with you….


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The Daily Pause #3

blog Apr 20, 2016
The Elevator Pause: When you push the button on the elevator (or lift), take a deep breath and visualize the breath refreshing your body from the soles of your feet to the top of your head. Arrive feeling more calm, composed and centered!
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