Pause For Power Luncheon

blog Jan 15, 2014

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When: September 18, 2014 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 

Where: The Tower Club, 8000 Towers Crescent Dr #1700, Vienna, VA 22182

In today's competitive environment it is more important than ever to slow down before we speed up to success. A car can't run on an empty tank of gas and neither can we sustain lasting success and fulfillment in our lives without learning how to first pause. The intention of this lunch seminar series is simply to help people Pause for Power And Consciously Create Success In Life And Business.

Portrait Dr. Laura HillsSeptember Pause For Power Luncheon Speaker:

Dr. Laura Hills

Dr. Laura Hills, President of The Blue Pencil Institute, has uncovered a unique way to not only teach professionals how to get more from their careers but to feel rewarded and accomplished while doing it! Her breakthrough program “6D Framework for Career Success” is the key that her clients use to unlock the doors to their amazing futures. 

We are...

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10 Tips For A Terrific Year & Happiness In 2014 - Part 2

blog Jan 14, 2014

A continuation of the 10 tips to have a terrific new year and happiness in 2014! This video contains tips 6 through 10. Enjoy, share and don't be shy to post on FB or tweet out. Make sure you are also subscribed to our newsletter to receive automatic updates on upcoming videos.

A continuation of the 10 tips to have a terrific new year and happiness in 2014! This video contains tips 6 through 10. Enjoy, share and don't be shy to post on FB or tweet out. Make sure you are also subscribed to our newsletter to receive automatic updates on upcoming videos.


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Interview with Steven Gaffney

blog Jan 12, 2014

Steven Gaffney is the premiere leading expert in honest communication and helps people live more successful and happy lives both personally as well as professionally. Someone who practices what he preaches, Steven and Richa have a candid chat about why people lie or withhold the truth and what one can do to prevent it from happening.

One word - Honesty.

We've all heard that "Honesty is the best policy" countless times. But, how does one practice being honest and stay honest at all times in this world we live in? What motivates people to lie? Are we honestly as honest as we can possibly be? While we are not blatantly lying (hopefully) are we still occasionally withholding the truth?

What is the honest truth about honesty when it comes to us human beings? How is it impacting us in our personal and professional lives when we are and are not honest? I discuss this and more with the premier leading expert in Honest Communication, Steven Gaffney.

I have personally known and worked with...

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Meet Richa Badami

blog Jan 07, 2014

Richa Badami has been helping people create lasting transformation and success in their life and business by leveraging their inner power for over 15 years. What started out as a passion in her own life transformed into a consulting and coaching practice that has helped dozens of very happy and successful clients in both their personal and business lives. 

Her simple strategies and tools for transformation help create a lasting and profound shift in her clients life and business. One of Richa's clients called her the Transformation Catalyst. "Having a successful business and happy life is not just about having that one glimpse of success or that one weekend drive through breakthrough. If it isn't lasting then what's the point?", says Richa. And that's the number one reason she creates programs that don't just show you what is possible, but also help put systems in place to help you reinforce the strategies for success. 

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Mentor Program

blog Jan 07, 2014

Starting 2014, I am offering a Program to other wellness practitioners and will be mentoring a few to teach the I AM Consciousness Program all aross the world. If you are interested in this, please contact me for more information at [email protected]

The I AM Consciousness Program is a course designed for spiritual growth and personal transformation.

This is an 11 month program consisting of 21 sessions that are held LIVE in person, every other week. If you live outside the Washington, DC area but are still interested, check out our I AM Consciousness VIRTUAL Program and have the same experience from anywhere in the world!

I believe that there are no "drive-through breakthroughs"! In order to consciously create and construct a beautiful life, one that we love and live feeling empowered and fully expressed, we must mould it intentionally. If a great life were to happen by "accident" then in order to continue to have a great life we must continue to have many "accidents"....

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Private Coaching

blog Jan 07, 2014

Does any of this feel true for you?

I want to live a happy life but I don't know how to get there?

I feel a little lost in life and don't know what my true purpose is?

I wonder if there is a way to be more aligned to my calling?

I want to, but don't know how to release my past pain, anger and sadness?

I feel like my life is passing me by, leaving me frustrated, unhappy and unfulfilled?

If any of the above are true for you then there is definitely something holding you back from living the life you truly want. Very often, you are unable to identify your own block or that elusive "thing" (old fears, beliefs, thought patterns, people, events etc.) on your own. It's your blindspot. You just can't see it even though you really want to.

While your blocks or blind spots remain hidden from you, your life keeps passing you by. Your love and aliveness, self-expression and inner power are being hindered by it. You simply cannot live life to your fullest potential because of it.

Wouldn't it be...

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Private Retreats

blog Jan 07, 2014

Are you living your life to your fullest potential?
Do you feel held back by your past, old thoughts and belief systems?
Do you find yourself stuck re-living feelings of regret and guilt?
Do you find it challenging to make time for yourself?
Do you feel like you have the limitless potential for love, healing and unconditional forgiveness?
If any of the above ring true for you then the I AM Retreat weekend is the right place for you. At this retreat you will be in a space for deep self-exploration and spiritual support to connect with the real you. You will experience a variety of meditations and walk away with practical tools to live your life powerfully. You will leave this weekend refreshed, recharged, and recommitted to living the life you always wanted to live.

"How often do you get a weekend, all for yourself, to just focus on you and to be totally taken care of?" - Wendy G.

The I AM Retreat weekend is a profound and transformative weekend. While no two participants ever have the...

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Corporate Retreats

blog Jan 07, 2014

Many of us live our lives like we are running a marathon. The alarm clock sounds, deadlines loom, and the to-do list never ends. We know there has got to be another way, if only we had a minute to think.
When we are pressed up against the busyness of our lives in this way we may forget that we have choices. Choosing to retreat, to take a step back, may be the wisest choice available to us. In retreat, our minds reset and our bodies restore. We return with a renewed sense of well-being and perspective. This is true for organizations as well.

Richa's corporate retreats are intended for a small group of executives who recognize the importance of stepping away from the daily routine in order to see (and enlarge) the big picture. Richa facilitates exercises that break down what profitability looks like amongst the participants and helps to synthesize this information into a shared vision of success. Custom-created practices get to the heart of your organization's struggles and identify...

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blog Jan 07, 2014

IAM LA May2014Love & Aliveness in Relationships

an I AM Retreat, May 16-18, Berkeley Springs, WV

***No previous meditation experience necessary***
Past participants have called this a "Life Changing Weekend"!
"If you really want to know who you are and what your life is about then this is a great way to meet yourself and have that conversation". – Fred K., Intelligence Officer
"How often do you get a weekend, all for yourself, to just focus on you and to be totally taken care of? This is a weekend worth having". – Wanda A., CEO, Horizon Consulting

This retreat is for you if you are interested in:

  • Slowing down to reflect where you are in your life and how you feel about it
  • Learning tools to help better manage your stress (rather than let it manage you)
  • Learning a variety of practical tools and techniques including meditation and breath work
  • Spending a weekend to focus on yourself to renew, recharge and re-energize yourself

What is included in the fee:

  • 2 nights accommodations at...
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blog Jan 07, 2014


Richa's consulting services are uniquely designed in response to each client's requirements. Drawing on her special blend of instinctive knowing and business experience, she works with you to design and implement systems that manifest strategies for success that best reflect your vision.


What we believe is what we achieve. Richa's philosophy is that in order to step into your power, you must first take pause and be willing to review these oftentimes deeply held beliefs. This review process is like re-potting a plant when the roots have outgrown the original container. Laced up into intricate networks against walls that have grown too small, you need to uproot the plant and give it more space in order for it to thrive. When you are willing to look at the root of your beliefs around success and nurture your passions, you simultaneously develop clarity of vision for what you want to achieve most. Your condition improves and creates lasting transformation and success...

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